Friday, July 8, 2011

Lucky of the unlucky

Finally, it was Friday and I'm looking forward it for the weekend to come. Not because of there got any outing or event, nor the so hot BERSIH on the next day, just because of I want to rest at home during weekend. Seriously, I need to take a rest.

Lack of the time and I felt too tired and lazy until it had been around 2 weeks I did not updated my blog. What I wish for everyday is just sleeping time. Now, I'm really can rest peacefully and write for some updates during this weekend...

I felt very tired every single days, especially for this week, I was terribly tiring the whole weekdays. And can be said so, I felt very tired for the pass few weeks and this week is "extra tired". Non-stop of my "working" life, unexpected "run here run there" and activities days whether on weekday or weekend. Almost everyday I came back late at night, the earliest is around 9.30pm and I felt very very tired after the whole day. Feel sick of it but no choice have to work it out...

June, can considered as unlucky and "extra" money spending month for me. Finally, June was passed and July is here. And there a lot of things happen on me recently...

1) Pickpocket
Starting with I lost my card holder where all my valuable cards were gone, especially my Identity card and ATM cards. I suspected that it was stolen by the pocket picker inside the congested KTM. People like to push and try to fit themselves in even there was not much available spaces allowed for the "extra" person. How come the people can't wait for the next train? But it can be understood as everyone know the "efficiency" speed and punctuality of the KTM. I was alone that time and packed like sandwich. I felt very uncomfortable to stick with those stranger especially guys and especially non-chinese guys. I'm totally not alert that my card holder was gone until a passenger next to me told his friend that he can't found his phone and it was missing. Normally, I put my handphone and card holder inside my pant pocket, after heard this, I faster felt my both left and right pocket, luckily my handphone still with me but another pocket was became empty. Damn, my card holder was missing. The guy next to me felt my movement and he questioned me whether I got took his handphone or not. "No"...I told him seriously but he seems like can't believe...

I was alone that time and felt helpless.I was totally undirectional for my very first time lost my valuables. After lost myself for a minute, yes I should go for making a police report first. Luckily I still got some money to take bus to the nearby police station and my handphone still with me so that I can call to my friend and seek for her assistance. Yes, I have to cancel my bank cards immediately too to avoid the misusing by the pocket picker. A very thank to her for the visit and accompany even though she has an important dinner to attend after that...It took me some time to go from one place to another place to re-do all my cards on the next following days. All were settled except for the driving license which I do not need it urgently.

2)Spoil of the washroom light
The house unit which I currently staying is well maintenanced before that, but since after the temporary residents started to move in this June, obvious changes were noticed not even until one month they stayed here. Just to mention of the house cleaningness, it become very dirty especially the kitchen part. They cooked everyday but they do not kept the kitchen clean. I felt very uncomfortable when I entered the kitchen. The wash basin always filled with their leftovers, they do not bother to take it out and throw inside the dustbin (or maybe did but just for some?). Now the basin have the symptomatic of blockage where the water cannot flow freely. Who cares as they just temporary stayed there? The living room is become messy now as well, the fridge is always fulled with their stuffs, the balcony is untidy and the light was spoiled, packets of rubbishes were seen everyday etc...they are noisy as well sometimes and why they want to use my toilet paper? Before that, friends that visit to my unit said that it was tidy and clean, but now? Argh...

All those I don't care much but the washroom light. It has been few days the light was spoiled and it was flicking when turn on. During weekdays, I go out early and only back at night after 9.30pm, and I bath in dark. Roomate went back to home that week but how come the guys who shared the toilet as well seems like not concern at all and do not took initiative to get for some replacements/repairments? They are so free and stayed at home everyday!!! By the way, the washroom was very dirty and it should be their turn to do the cleaning duty but they did not. Can't do at night as light not available. Until the weekend come, I'm not free actually as I have partime work to do as well, but I still spare some of my time, wake up a bit earlier to do washroom cleaning before work. Yeah, I tried and fixed the light myself as well, the light bulb was spoiled and what you need to do is just take it out, buy a new one and put it back. Do not told me that your hand is so precious if you are a future dentist nor you don't know how to fix it while you are future engineer. It was so simple to do it actually until I also can fix it by myself.

3) The ATM machine "eater"
On a Sunday, when I was in Midvalley and I was in rush that day actually and need to settle some stuff in a limited time. At the same time, went to withdraw some money from one of the bank ATM machine but so bad luck that my card was "eaten" by the ATM machine during that rushing time. I pissed off, but not because of that. That time when I came to the ATM machine, I saw 3 ladies-1 Chinese and 2 Malays stood in front of the ATM machine discussed something. I was not interested what they are discussing about and politely I asked them whether they want to use the ATM or not. They said no and stood at a side after this. Fine, I withdraw as normal but at the end step, it displayed transaction fail, please took your card but the card did not come out. It also my very first time my ATM card being stuck inside and cannot took out. I was blur and panic as well that time. The Malays then came to me and asking "You punya card juga tak boleh keluar? Kami pun sama.". Damn it and I pissed off. How come you guys knew and suffered from the case but did not tell me when you guys know that I'm going to use it? I really pissed off when I know it that time and I questioned them in a fierce tone. The Malay called to the call centre, and after that she told us that the technical staff will only come to fix it on Monday, and the ATM card will send back to the respective bank and we have to go there collect ourselves. 

After minutes and I think twice, I decided to call again to the customer service centre myself. The services staff told me the same again and emphasized that no technical staff on duty on Sunday. However I kept on complaining and complaining, and giving some excuses that I must took back the cards right now. Maybe he felt annoyed with me and finally he said will send someone to fix in an hour. He asked for my hp number too and said will give me a call when the machine was fixed. Ok, I'm waiting and at the same time settle my other stuff. Not even until half an hour, I received the call from the bank staff said that the machine was fixed and can go back to the ATM machine to collect back my card. Your esteemed bank "efficiency" is extremely high where the work should be can settle in just a minute and you said it need to be done on the next day!!! Your slogan "Excellence is our commitment", if your technical staff is not around and on duty in Midvalley area, how come he can come over and fix it in just a minutes?

I thought it was settled. When I checked the transaction online at night, my account was deducted with the sum of money where I supposed to get but can't due to the machine problem. OMG, I called to the service centre again and the staff told me that I need to go to the nearby bank to settle it. I went to the Public Bank in SS2, and this time your bank staff really good in service and high efficiency. Think around two days later, the money was bank in back to my account. I like to use Public Bank as your high service efficiency but do not make me lost my confidence toward you.

4) Moody Sunday
Sunday in June is not a good day for me? I suffered from consecutive three "bad luck" Sunday in June. It was regarding my "job" but I don't mention much here. It is nice to meet you all and hope we can have chance to work together next time. :)

5) Laptop fall sick
My Acer laptop been with me for around 5 years, but it still very fine. However, I also don't know why everytime before I went back home, my this laptop sure will fall sick. Not because of its heath problem, but is "induced-sick". Sometimes I knew is myself fault, last time I like to change setting/edit setting of the computer system until the windows cannot log in when it restarted again. The window system file was gone/corrupted. But now I dare not do it again. It is painful and time killing everytime I formatted my laptop myself.

My laptop adaptor has some problem too started few weeks ago and I bought a new one that time when I back to my hometown. However, not until one month I used the new adaptor, there is one time short circuit happening in my lab and the new adaptor was spoiled. Luckily my laptop was alright but heard that some of the lab instruments in other lab were affected. I continue used back my old adaptor, but it is hardly get connected. Just few days before I went back, the adaptor suddenly disconnected and my laptop was suddenly black out too... I restarted again but the window can't log in anymore. Tried all for the Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking bla bla bla but all still can't. Haiz...I gave up. I disconnected with the world for few days already... Back to home and asked my brother to fix it for me. Thought to have format my laptop to restore back my window, but luckily not...Nice to have a brother who know about computer technical stuff. Thanks brother but I know he never read my blog...haha

And few days ago, I bought another new adaptor in Digital Mall, it costs me RM80.

6) Handphone deficiency
My handphone is the slidephone type, been with me for around 2 years. Few days ago, my phone can't function well. The main menu button, left, right, up and down button was malfunctioned and can't work well. Send my phone to check and the services staff said is the phone ribbon problem, and I fixed it for RM100. That time I was in rush too, I did not bargain much or I went to ask price from another shop. I liked my current phone much and don't want to change it for now, summore I don't have extra money to get a new one.I'm seriously very poor now.

7) Camera memory data card spoiled
A week ago, the Micro SD card that I bought for my Olympus less than one year ago was spoiled. It displayed "Card Error" when I put it into my camera.When I checked the card, it has some defect on the chips. The photo can't retrieved and I lost my photo again for the third time. How come I always lost my photo? Should I get a new card for my Olympus? and consider a Class 10 memory card for my Cono? Not now but later on...

8) Blur and forgetful
Yes, I always blur and forgetful, and I know it well. Two weeks ago, I forgot to bring back my handphone and left inside a convenience shop. On the next day, I purposely go back and took it. Luckily the staff there kept and returned to me but they had play on my phone. Sometimes, you may rely on someone and that why you ask the help from him/her. However, it ended up with  a disappointment. If you are not willing to help and feel it is not necessary/foolish, please tell.

Few days ago, my camera cap, lens cap and my battery cover was left inside a shop and I totally forgot it until I reached home. The next day, it was raining heavily in the afternoon and I still go back to the shop. On the way, I was getting wet due to the splashing water of the passing cars onto my body. Luckily I can get back my stuff and the staff do not took it as their own. If not, I may need to purchase for a new one which cost me at least RM50 for each cap.

Recently, I forget where I put my Cono transfer cable, finding every possible area but still can't get.I lost my camera transfer cable!!! Therefore, I went to buy an external card reader, costs RM10 in order for my future photo transferring.

And today, after I back from The Curve and reached home at around 9.30pm, then only I realized that I forgot to get "an important signature" which I need it by tomorrow. Sigh. It is too late for me if I took public transport to go back at that time. Out of choices, I called one of my friend who stay nearby, ask him to drive me back to The Curve just to get the "signature". Thanks much to him.

9) Tiring "task"
In Mid June, received a tiring "task". Optional but choose to do it. Because of the "task", I felt very tired and time is always not enough. Feel that I  was lost, no time for myself and no time to do my own stuff. Two more weeks to go from now. Jiayou.

10) Lab work abandoned
My labwork was abandoned for quite a month and do not show any progression. I wished my boss can come back faster. I'll work harder in this July, aja-aja fighting.

Getaway trip and go back home
I hate June!!! It is not a good month for me. I wanted the June passed faster and I'm looking forward July to come. Luckily I can have a getaway in the end of June to get rid off my "unlucky". I went for a family trip to Kota Kinabalu (KK), went to Pulau Tiga which I longing to go for a long time.One of my friend said I went to every part in Sabah except for the Mount Kinabalu. I really wish to climb it for a long time but I don't want to organize, I just want to join. Anyone if interested go for Mount KK climbing please ask me to join as well ya.

Thanks to my hometown friend in KK for drive me in and out from airport and also bring me visit some places when I was in KK. I really save a lot in transportation.I really don't know you have an assignment /report to rush and need to submit by tomorrow, but you still willing to free your time, bring me go here go there in the afternoon till night. Ended you have to burn the midnight oil to do your report, and not even until one hour of sleeping you have to wake up and send me to airport again. How come you do not told me earlier and can be so kind? If not, I can asked for the cab services...Anyway, big thanks to you and see you guys on Malaysia Day...

Landed in Sandakan for around 50 hours only and I have to fly back to Kuala Lumpur again. Back to see my family and home, and I missed my both past grandparent and Billy. Lucky is fine and her legs seems like recovered. She no longer active as before as she getting old day by day. Saw Lucky, I'm lucky. All the "unlucky" gone!!

Lucky is my lucky,
and July is a lucky month for me...

Happy Lunar Birthday for myself... :)


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